Strategic Medical Staff Development Planning goes well beyond what passes for a standard recruitment plan in most hospitals. 


Strategic MSDP is influenced by a hospitalís mission, strategies, political climate and legal/regulatory trends.  It influences the hospitalís ability to achieve its mission and to reach its financial objectives through the development and retention of a competent medical staff. 


Halley Consulting Group's Strategic MSDP works in tandem with our Retail Market Analysis to ensure that hospitals capture and retain market share by attracting patients/clients to their affiliated specialists.  We begin with the formation of a working committee of physicians, board members and hospital executives who provide local market perspective. 


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Together they initiate:

  • A review of the hospital's mission, strategies and objectives

  • An electronic survey of the medical staff to solicit perceived specialty and service line needs

  • Interviews of primary care and specialty physicians to identify relationship barriers and development opportunities

  • A life stage analysis of active medical staff members to determine potential physician retirement and its impact

  • A community needs analysis to support recruitment

  • An implementation timeline, communication matrix and budget

Strategic MSDP ensures the proper mix of physician specialties and locations at the right time to meet the needs, wants and priorities of the local community.  It creates a partnership between medical staff members and their preferred hospital.


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