Halley Consulting has assisted physicians in several specialties to plan and launch new group practices. Whether individual physicians or physician groups are coming together for strategic purposes or forming groups from practices being divested by hospitals, Halley Consulting Group has  a proven process for ensuring a smooth transition.  

Rather than starting with attorneys to build the legal structure, our methodology starts with the needs, wants and priorities of the potential physician group members.  Halley Consulting Group facilitators lead the physicians through the group practice formation process answering a myriad of questions about how they will grow, govern, operate and finance the new group.  This process has the important benefit of identifying group direction and individual physician commitment and compatibility, well before legal documents are signed.


The deliverable is a group practice operating plan that defines the vision, strategies and tactics of new group members.  The plan also includes detailed pro forma financial statements, as well as revenue and expense sharing strategies.  Finally, the document includes a detailed implementation action plan.  Once the planning process and document are completed, the group can then engage legal counsel to create the best legal structure to support the business.


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