“Halley Consulting Group's financial improvement model remains the cornerstone of our continued financial success.”
Dr. Curtis Chastain
Medical Director
Lake Primary Care Physicians
              Baton Rouge, Louisiana



The Halley Consulting Group Financial Model provides a mechanism to capture medical practice financial data from the hospital general ledger system.  This information is combined with statistical data available from the practice billing system to provide management reports and comparative indicators specifically designed to help optimize physician practice performance.  When properly installed and utilized within a physician network, our financial and statistical model becomes the core reporting mechanism around which financial and operational improvement initiatives are implemented. 

The Financial Model Installation and Training process includes the following steps:

  • Local Work Group
    We assist your team in developing a local work group that identifies the relevant sources of financial and statistical information within your existing information infrastructure. 


  • Financial Model Creation and Refinement
    Our team works closely with your accounting representative to create the initial financial model template identifying the practices and support departments to appropriately reflect the physician network and its performance.  This initial template is validated against your internal source documents to ensure the financial model appropriately captures the network financial and statistical data.  This audit and review process may identify areas where minor changes are required within the general ledger system to adequately report information with the necessary level of detail under the new managerial accounting model.

  • Financial Model Training
    Our process includes training for office managers and physicians on the interpretation and application of the financial model reports.








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