Still losing your shirt on your
hospital-owned medical practices?

Many hospitals report losing more than $80,000 annually on every physician they employ.  Yet these practitioners are just as talented as their private practice peers.  Some hospitals have “pruned” their physician networks as a way to improve their financial outlook.  Others have tried various improvements but remain frustrated with the outcomes.  However, most realize the crucial role primary care providers play in capturing market share for the hospital and affiliated specialists. 

Hospitals and health systems that have been posting high losses from their owned practices utilize Network  Turnaround  to dramatically improve their bottom line.  

Our turnaround process begins with tactics at three levels:

  • Our Rapid Improvement Plan identifies practices that will not achieve financial viability and "prunes" them from the network

  • Network-Wide Initiatives improve physician governance, practice management, physician compensation, accounts receivable, network development and management information

  • Site-Specific Initiatives engage the practices in Break Even Action Plans that achieve visit, service and coding targets that will guarantee improved financial performance



What truly sets Halley Consulting Group apart from “traditional" consulting firms is our willingness to work hands-on in the improvement implementation process.  Our Regional Executives become a part of your team, coaching, educating, leading and initiating.  We're so confident of our approach that we even place a portion of our fees at risk until documented performance improvements are achieved.



Are you ready for a Turnaround? 

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