Primary care physicians are the true holders of market share.

Women, who still make the majority of health care purchases for their families, usually select a primary care physician within a short distance of their home.  Primary care providers establish and maintain long-term relationships with these patients/customers.  Consequently, they have significant influence over where a patient is referred for additional services.  In order to capture and retain market share in their defined primary and secondary markets, hospitals and their specialists must develop or affiliate with successful primary care practices.

Retail Strategy is the process hospitals and physicians use to target and capture market share in primary care medical practices.  This process includes:

  • Identifying the geographic targets

  • Conducting a demographic analysis of the population

  • Analyzing physician supply and demand data

  • Understanding the current "retail" position

  • Understanding the competitor's "retail" position

  • Data mapping and drive time analysis

  • Developing capacity, strategic, replacement and mission recommendations

  • Identifying implementation tactics

Retail Strategy is the basis for recruiting primary care physicians and other providers to attain and sustain market share.  Retail Strategy also drives the creation of a Strategic Medical Staff Development Plan to ensure the right number and types of specialists to meet the needs of primary care providers and their patients.








Read "The Case for a Medical Practice Retail Strategy," published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, December, 2004.


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"Halley Consulting's primary care retail strategy delved down to a level of detail that was very impressive.  It helped our team strategically position our employed medical practices in the marketplace.  I expect it will guide our acquisition and development of employed and affiliated primary care and specialty practices for many years to come."
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