Is your Central Billing Office getting blamed?

Problems with receivables management are common among hospital-owned medical practices.  Generally, fingers are pointed toward the Central Billing Office.  In reality, the cause is usually a combination of factors ranging from the medical reception desk, to billing software, to pre-collections.  However, the structure of the receivables process and accountability for that process are often the real villains. 


Halley Consulting utilizes our Central Processing Office model to establish performance responsibility from registration and claims processing to collections.  Our design:

  • Recognizes the differences between billing hospital services vs. services provided in an ambulatory clinic setting

  • Ensures that responsibility resides with those who have the greatest impact on each step in the receivables process

  • Places accountability for overall receivables with the medical office manager, who is supported by Central Processing

  • Considers the receivables management process to be a key component of the patient's overall service experience

  • Produces results that significantly outperform the median indicators reported in external benchmark surveys


Receivables management touches many parts of the hospital and its affiliated physician network.  In our experience, modifying established receivables management is best accomplished by engaging various "stakeholders."  Our approach includes:

  • Formation of a work group, including staff from central billing, medical office management, and the practice site

  • Documentation of the current structure and performance

  • Creation of a transition plan to move to central processing

  • Establishing performance and accountability standards

  • Creation of a communications and training matrix

Implementation of Halley Consulting Group's Central Processing approach dramatically improves the performance of established medical practice networks.  These same principles ensure that new and developing networks manage their receivables successfully from the start.


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